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What does it really mean to be a real estate investor?  We really need to start with the most commonly used term “flipping”.  This term has earned a negative connotation over the years.  It has become a derogatory term due to the perceived illegal schemes that seem to some to be unethical and damaging to the property owners. The Public sees real estate investors as money hungry Mongrels. All the flipping reality shows do not help this perception.  They make it look easy to make lots of cash.

I know that we break this mold.  The S&L Management team tirelessly labors away reviewing hundreds of properties to purchase one or two homes.  We always try our best to respond to everyone in a timely basis. We try to give the best fair price without completely low balling sellers. In today’s continuous changing markets we have had reduce margins to stay competitive.  Our average rehab cost is 70,000 with closing costs ranging for from 8-10% for commissions, escrow, title, taxes and holding cost.  So when we give an offer we try to be as competitive as possible but we have to take the reality of all costs and timing of the renovation into consideration.

We pride ourselves in our tasteful renovations of all our unique properties.  Our teams of rehabbers do a superb job. I truly am left speechless  by the transformations. Once the projects are complete our team at NELA HOMES does a stupendous job bringing our projects out into the world.

What really sets us apart from the average “real estate investor” is that we really care about the communities we work in.  We have been a staple in our community, same location for over 12 years.  We have proven to be a solid organization and accommodating to fluctuations in the local markets.  All of our team lives in the areas we have renovated so it’s a stake in our own lives.  We truly believe the work that we do has made a tremendous positive impact on our communities.   We employ a handful of people in our firm fulltime and not to mention all the construction jobs we create.  In addition, our properties have sold for top market prices helping push the areas property values to new highs.  The craftsmanship of our projects has helped pull up and coming young professionals and their  families into these communities.  In turn this has also help spur an influx of new businesses and commerce.  Nowhere is this more evident than in Northeast Los Angeles where we have done 120 restoration projects since late 2009.  It’s that much more obvious in Highland Park where we have done 50 projects since late 2009.  Right by our office here on Figueroa, We are seeing the growth of our local businesses!  Good Girl Dinette , The Greyhound, Highland Park Cross fit, yoga studio soon to open, Pop Physique soon to open and many others to come.  I had pleasure of checking out The Greyhound Bar and Restaurant last weekend.  I sat and pondered the fact that there were people in there that probably live in the homes we sold nearby.  It just really brought the whole process of what we have been doing full circle. We truly appreciate the opportunity to do our part for this community that we find so dear to our hearts.

In conclusion we are here to continue making an enduring impact.  We are not here to pinch every penny out of every deal.  S&L Management is here to do the best job possible on every single transaction.  We are here to do the right thing so that all parties leave happy.  We have created a good reputation in the communities and hope to keep it that way. Of course, like any other company or individual, we have had issues that have occurred in the past.  We have always mediated these occurrences, resolved them and learned from them.

At the end of the day we don’t want to be known as “The Real Estate Investor”.  We want to continue to  be respected as a Boutique Investment Firm that does great work from beginning to end and creates a positive inspiration for the betterment of the community.

Please let me know any of your questions, comments or concerns.


Jonathan Barr-Director of Acquisitions

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Los Angeles Homeowners, need a cash offer on your home?

When you want to sell your home quickly, a cash offer is an efficient, smart solution no matter your circumstance. S&L Management offers a safe and reliable way to get your unwanted home off of your hands for fair and expedient compensation.

 What are my options?

Once you have determined you need to sell your home, you probably know the traditional options available. You could sign a listing contract with a Real Estate Agent and hope for the best. But you should prepared for the worst, and prepare for a home sale process that could take 6-months to 1-year with no guarantee of success. Of course, after repairs and inspections you must actually list the house and prepare for an avalanche of showings, low ball offers, negotiations and tens of thousands of dollars in real estate commissions. Alternatively, you could try to go the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route and attempt to list, negotiate and close the home transaction on your own. Both of these options often take a great deal of time, especially in a sluggish economy and a slow housing market. The hassle involved is enormous and there can be significant liability.

We are different. Here is how:

At S&L Management  our business - and this website - is dedicated to a home sale solution that is growing in popularity for all the reasons listed above. Our process is simple: complete our simple online questionnaire and you will know very rapidly if we are interested in your home. If so, you can have an offer on your home within 24-hours. Since we pay cash you never worry about the buyer's loan approval. And we can close the transaction and put cash in your hands faster than you may believe is possible. There is no pressure. The offer is yours to consider with no commitment required on your part. If you wish to move forward  simply let us know. You can count on us to be fair, efficiently and let you skip the steps of preparing your home for a sale through repairs and renovations.

Los Angeles area cities where we buy homes:

  • Highland Park
  • El Sereno
  • Glassel Park
  • Eagle Rock
  • Silverlake
  • Echo Park
  • Atwater
  • Glendale
  • Pasadena
  • Altadena
  • Los Feliz
  • Mt. Washington
  • Alhambra
  • South Pasadena
  • City of Los Angeles
  • Other: Have a property in Southern California? Don't hesitate to contact us!

The S&L Management team has extensive experience working in all of these areas. This familiarity with specific neighborhoods and subdivisions means better understanding of your situation and better knowledge of your property value. If you own a home or real estate in any of these Los Angeles communities, do not hesitate to request an offer.

Why is selling for cash a good option?

There are countless pros to selling your house “as-is” to a buyer like S&L Management. You may need to sell your house quickly, and such a cash sale enables you to avoid the lengthy hassle of placing your home on the market. After all, you could end up waiting months as you show the house again and again without a successful buyer. These days, finding a buyer is just the beginning! That buyer has to make it through the lending process. Forget qualify for a loan, that is simple. Gaining loan approval and actually funding is increasingly rare.

Maybe you want to avoid the high cost (in time and money) required for repairs and renovations necessary to make your house “sellable.” When you list your home on the market in the conventional manner, you must be prepared to pour time and money into your property to prepare for viewing by potential buyers. The Real Estate Agents will require a commission fee which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

A better way to sell your home quickly: You can forget about those costs and that hassle when you sell for cash. Leave the hassles to us. Whatever your financial situation, selling your home as-is to S&L Management is a convenient and incredibly fast process. We promise a solid fair offer and a quick close.

What about property condition or foreclosure? S&L Management accepts property in any condition, including those under city violations, homes with fire, water or mold damage, or homes with illegal additions. We can help with tricky situations like bad tenants, pending foreclosures, or defaulted payments. Our offer will be made fast, with no obligation, no pressure, and no hidden fees or hoops to jump through — just cash in your hand, in the shortest time possible.

If your home is in foreclosure but the foreclosure has not yet been finalized, selling your home quickly could prevent “foreclosure” from appearing on your credit report. This may allow you to recover your good credit in less time. Whether you are behind on loan payments, facing foreclosure, or underwater, a fast sale could be in your best interest.

What our team looks for in homes we purchase for cash:

  • Property in any condition
  • Single family or multi-family residence
  • Commercial
  • Illegal additions
  • Fire/water/mold damage
  • City violations
  • Vacant or occupied properties
  • Priced between 200,000 - 500,000
  • Areas of gentrification
  • Other complicated situations

What should I expect from the cash-sale alternative? You can expect a short and simple process. If you request an offer, S&L Management promises an immediate response with no hidden fees, no requests for repairs and a flexible move-out date. S&L Management promises speed, efficiency, trust and credibility. We buy your home as-is and put cash in your hand: it’s that easy.

Why S&L Management? The difference is in personal and reliable service. S&L Management is a minority owned company with a combined real estate experience of over 50 years. We have extensive familiarity with the areas they work with, and true understanding of Los Angeles counties, neighborhood and streets means better knowledge of your specific situation, no matter how complicated.

We are not slick, faceless investors but real people who live locally and genuinely seek to help homeowners with a win/win solution. 

Meet our team at S&L Mangement:

  • Edward Solis, Founder & President
  • Jonathan Barr, Director of Acquisitions
  • Christina Marchis, Purchase Coordinator

 S&L Management prides itself on improving communities through improving property values. We understand that you are a unique individual or family in a unique circumstance, and this drives us to get you a fair deal in the most efficient time possible. You can expect an immediate response with a competitive offer within one day. Our combination of extensive experience and a technically advanced system allows S&L Management to determine the worth of your property and compensate you fairly for it, in cash, with no hidden fees, commissions or extra requirements.

Selling homes for cash is becoming a popular option in today’s real estate market. It’s fast, and it allows you to get an unwanted property off your hands when you are facing a looming deadline like a pending foreclosure or a job transfer. If you have decided this is the best option for you, then make sure you also choose the company that is right for you. Beware of scams; some helpful ways to identify potential fraud or scams. S&L Management promises complete trust and credibility throughout any transaction, no exceptions.

What S&L Management offers:

  • CASH for your home
  • Regular closing cost
  • No commissions
  • Immediate response
  • Personal service
  • Trust and credibility
  • Financial strength
  • A short and simple process
  • A fair price for your property
  • A flexible move-out date

What other situations lend themselves to selling a Los Angeles home quickly to an investor for cash? Life throws some tough curve balls, and handling an unwanted/unneeded property during an already stressful time of your life can be difficult, draining, and feel downright impossible. Whether you just lost your job and cannot pay your mortgage or feel trapped in mortgage terms that seem unfair or troublesome, S&L Management offers an option that is clear-cut and puts money in your hand when you need it. In cases of divorce, retirement, downsizing or many other situations, selling your home as-is could take a tremendous burden off your shoulders and make your next move or phase of life seem feasible sooner than you could have imagined. S&L Management recognizes the complexity and variance between different situations, and they will work their hardest to ensure that your circumstances are addressed personally and reasonably.

If you recently inherited an unwanted property from a loved one, selling it for cash as-is can save you months of time and thousands of dollars in repairs and navigating the real estate market. You could have money for that property in your hand in the shortest time possible and skip all the logistics of selling on the market. If you are trying to sell a home you have already vacated, it may cost you more money to fix up the property or to travel back and forth to try to make a sale than it would to sell the home for cash to a real estate investor. S&L Management recognizes that in many circumstances, time is of the essence. If you are liquidating assets to pay bills or facing foreclosure, you will get an offer in the shortest time possible. They can deal with situations including bad tenants, severe damage from fire, water or mold, city violations, and illegal additions. S&L Management will happily make your problems, their problems.

If your situation is:

  • Facing foreclosure
  • Relocation or job transfer
  • Undesirable neighborhoods
  • Divorce
  • Job loss
  • Troublesome mortgage terms
  • Retirement of downsizing
  • Death of a loved one
  • Liquidating assets to pay bills
  • Convenient sale of assets

How do I get the ball rolling? If selling your home for cash seems like the option for you, fill out the detailed sellers application so that S&L Management can have the best opportunity to evaluate your situation and your property so that they can make you the best possible offer.

The more thorough you are in your information and detail, the better the service and solution will be. S&L Management wants to help you get the most out of your property, and they recognize the satisfaction of helping sellers in complicated situations find a solution to their unwanted property problems. Feel free to contact S&L Management with any other questions.